After his first love breaks his heart, a young American singer reluctantly leaves his home in San Diego, California and embarks on an epic road trip through Baja with his uncle in order to reconnect with his Mexican roots and find himself.



Ruta Madre is an electrifying and hilarious rite of passage tale where American culture and Rock and Roll meet the music, traditions and beauty of Mexico. Based on a true story, Ruta Madre chronicles the magical odyssey of Daniel, a talented young Mexican-American singer and his cynical uncle Rodrigo. When his first love Daisy breaks his heart, Daniel, in emotional agony, reluctantly leaves his home in San Diego California and embarks on an epic road trip with his uncle, who is also on the run from a past that haunts him. This comical, dramatic and spiritual journey begins at the US/Mexico border, and winds its way through Tijuana, Ensenada, down the majestic Baja peninsula, through the sleepy French mining town of Santa Rosalia, and finally arriving at a family ranch in Ciudad Constitution.



San Diego – Baja Road Trip Flick Revs into Coronado July 13
The mother of all road trips, “Ruta Madre,” will be screened at a special engagement hosted by the Coronado Island Film Festival on July 13, 10 AM, at the Village Vintage Theatre in Coronado. An award-winning indie comedy, Ruta Madre features “Shadowhunters” heartthrob David Castro as Daniel, a heartbroken singer who reluctantly accompanies his lunatic uncle on a high jinx-filled drive from San Diego to southern Baja, Mexico. The event marks the San Diego premiere of the final cut of “Ruta Madre”… Details
San Diego – Baja Road Trip Flick Revs into Theaters July 6
The mother of all road trips, “Ruta Madre,” debuts in theaters in Tijuana, San Diego, and select cities starting July 6, followed by a July 16 video-on-demand release on Amazon, iTunes, and Dish among other channels nationwide. Details
Comedy Dynamics has Acquired Award Winning Feature Film Ruta Madre
Comedy Dynamics has acquired the indie comedy Ruta Madreto be released on the Comedy Dynamics network via iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Amazon, Comcast, Spectrum, InDemand, Dish, and the Comedy Dynamics channel. Details

"Ruta Madre conveys a resounding message of love, family and a celebration of culture that will charm people of every nationality regardless of what side of the border you call home."